Miniature Greenhouse for Precision Agriculture


Welcome to the Senior Design DEC1617 team's page. You shall find information about our project in the menu tab above, or you shall also look at a quick overview below.


The project consists of a series of components working together to monitor plants' development. Within these components the system is able to control temperature, watering, imaging and lighting of said plants. The aforementioned system will be implemented on one heating chamber and one cooling chamber. Additionally, we have a series of smaller cooling chambers that test a different cooling system and an automated plant holder for picture taking.

Whole System

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Current Progress


For Spring semester, we completed partial and full functionalities for the Automated Water System, LED Lighting System, Heating and Cooling System and the Robotic Imaging System - a full demo of these components can be found in the videos section of our website. For Fall semester, we were able to improve these systems' components a lot more, add a cooling large growth chamber, and implement full functionality to a small growth chamber (temperature control, lighting system and a servo plant holder). Below are videos with demos that can attest to the process of our Fall semester period.